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More Info About OWM Online Schools

Several online schools offer Traditional White Moon Teachings, a thirteen month course in personal empowerment and priestess training. The curriculum is eclectic and Goddess-centered, built upon the foundation of the Women's Spirituality Movement as it has evolved over the last 35 years. Graduates of this course are eligible to enroll in a public ministry course and to receive ordination through The Order of The White Moon.

The purpose of White Moon Teachings is two-fold: to help restore spiritual balance on earth by restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place; and to assist seekers in their personal and spiritual development. It is the position of this school that all spiritual paths and belief systems can benefit by incorportating the Divine Feminine.

This school abides by the Rede, Do as you will, but harm none, except in self-defense, and the Law of Three, whatever you send out comes back to you magnified three-times over. To find out more about what we believe, see the Order of the White Moon Traditions Page.

This online school is open to those (18 years of age or older) who are open to incorporating the Feminine Divine into their lives and who are willing to undergo a pledge that they will not use these teachings to harm others. Students must also be open-minded and flexible in their beliefs, willing to learn from others of different paths without attempting to convert other students to a specific path. (See school listing to determine other admission requirements.)

White Moon Teachings are designed to be intensive, with weekly, daily, monthly, and quarterly assignments. Students are welcome to proceed through the curriculum more slowly if they desire, but there may be minimum requirements. Check with your instructor.

Curriculum is presented in three Levels:

LEVEL I (four months) focuses on Goddess studies, sacred space, ritual, and personal empowerment. The first level essentially serves as a foundation for daily practice. Students observe the seasons, connect with the moon, and begin mediation, energy work, and spell crafting. Both novice and experienced students are required to begin with Level I. In this, and each subsequent level, students create a final project focused on a particular Goddess.

LEVEL II (four months) deepens the study of meditation and energy work and introduces the practice of divination, focusing on the Motherpeace Tarot. This level also contains a strong emphasis on chakra work and self-healing. Level II students choose to follow the Path of Prayer or the Path of Magick.

LEVEL III (five months) strongly emphasizes dream, astral, and shamanic work, and introduces body-based lunar astrology. In addition, students choose three elective areas of study: gemstones, herbs, candle magick, dream work, healing, and Tarot spells. For the last month, students undergo a practical internship in teaching, divination, healing, or prayer.

Level IV (currently being expanded) public ministry training is open to qualifying Level III graduates. Level IV graduates are eligible to receive ordination.

Students must satisfactorily complete all of the assignments in order to receive course certificates. Levels II & III include some elective course offerings (where students may choose what to study), but most of the course material is required.

Ceremonial Cords and framable Completion Certificates are awarded at no extra cost to those completing each level.

Level I Initiate of the Order of The White Moon* white cord
Level II Adept of the Order of The White Moon* red cord
Level III Priestess of the Order of The White Moon* black cord

Level I graduates will automatically become members of The Order of The White Moon (*or one of our affliated orders: Order of the Shining Crescent or Order of the Rainbow Moon) and are not required to progress further in the curriculum unless they choose to.

Tuition is $30-US per 4 weeks of lessons. There is no extra fee for moving through the lessons more slowly. The entire fee for each level is $120-US. (Level III includes one month free.) Students must also buy approximately three textbooks for each course level.

Tuition covers lessons & assignments, personalized instructor evaluation & feedback, and discussion & support from other students. In addition, students will receive audio-lessons of guided meditations & exercises. Any other materials needed should be readily available around your house or at a local thrift store. No expensive tools are needed.

To verify that your instructor is authorized to pass on White Moon Teachings, please contact The Order or check our online school directory.

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